The Connection between Your Health and Oral Hygiene

Recommendations about maintaining dental health with the help of brushing and flossing are based on words which each of us hear on regular basis. It’s a general recommendation for everyone to brush for two full minutes and that too twice in every day. But, it is unfortunate that one in every five Americans brushes not more than once in a day.

Proper teeth brushing

About 43% of people do not have any idea about when to change a toothbrush. It means that half of the American population sticks with the use of old and ineffective toothbrushes for a long time. it is worth mentioning here that you should not take teeth brushing as just another thing to be done on daily basis. You need to make this process as detailed as possible. Hence, you need to correct the angle of brush, work with your gums, and take your time in brushing in order to ensure that you have removed recent plaque buildup effectively. Don’t rush to finish the brushing ritual. Furthermore, this very process of brushing needs to be the way you clean your mouth which also includes your tongue. This way, you will be able to clean your whole mouth. When you think like this, you will automatically ask a question to yourself that if brushing alone is enough to help you getting your teeth cleaned properly.


When we talk about cleaning of teeth and gums, the important thing along with brushing is flossing. However, it is an alarming fact that only half of the Americans floss on daily basis. And it is even worse to know that 10% of people do not floss at all. When you start flossing, it may cause pain to your teeth and gums. But, you will get over the pain and irritation once it would become your habit to floss on daily basis. With the help of flossing, you will find it easier to get rid of the dangerous plaque residing in between the teeth and gums. In fact, the flossing basically helps your gums to achieve health as flossing action stimulates blood regulation in the gums. Hence, you are essentially reviving your gums with the help of flossing.

Having said about the flossing, next thing you should be concerned about is to pick the best floss. You should go for the PTFE dental floss rather than going for nylon. Nylon is composed of multiple threads and it could shred, leading to the injury of gums.

Health problems and oral health issues

Whenever there is a discussion about oral health issues, most of the people think about oral health conditions such as gingivitis, tooth decay, cavities and plaque. Although, the happening of these issues should be enough to give a heads up call, one should keep in mind that there is a number of health issues connected with oral health problems. Hence, if oral health issues are allowed to get worse, other issues related to overall health can arise too.

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